Restoration Services

When you assess the condition of your concrete building or structure, are cracks appearing? Does your building look dull and plain? Time, water and weather take their toll on concrete and diminish its strength. Protecting concrete from the elements, and restoring it properly when damage occurs, is critical to preserve the functionality of buildings, balconies, parking structures and plaza decks.

Concrete is porous. Moisture, pollutants and other contaminants penetrate the concrete surface if left unprotected and unsealed. Once moisture penetrates the concrete surface, the environment is susceptible to more serious damage. The cause of the problem must be determined correctly before steps can be taken to fix the problem. The experts at R.E. Kelley, Inc. possess the knowledge to inspect a damaged area, identify the cause, and offer solutions to correct the problem before it escalates further.

In the harsh winters of the northeast, masonry bears the brunt of Mother Nature's wrath. Masonry deterioration can be caused by many factors, including:

Once masonry starts deteriorating, it continues extremely quickly. Our masonry experts will carefully inspect your building, and find ways to stop this deterioration in its tracks. Different methods to combat this range from patching to repointing, to applying a veneer or more.

Stone is the oldest building material known to man. Although it is the most durable of surfaces, it still requires care and maintenance to preserve its integrity and natural beauty.

The specialists at R.E. Kelley, Inc. will evaluate your marble, granite, limestone, or terrazzo and outline plans for restoration and maintenance that will return the surface to its original finish and then sustain it.

All field work will be completed by highly trained craftsmen with the best equipment and high-quality products available.

Terra Cotta
Terra cotta structural failures result from water penetration, stresses from building expansion and contraction, difficulties in firing during fabrication as well as differences in the behavior between the supporting clay bodies and glazes.

Terra cotta is a naturally moist material making it ideal for moss growth over time. That moss keeps the moisture trapped inside the terra cotta, causing the tile to become soft. R.E. Kelley, Inc. experts will determine whether proper anchoring, waterproofing and expansion allowances can be made. If so, the damaged terra cotta may be repaired on-site or removed and repaired off-site.