Green Strategy

R.E. Kelley, Inc. uses "green" techniques whenever possible on all of its job sites. "Green" construction techniques save the customer money, and protect the environment. R.E. Kelley, Inc. is committed to preserving resources through the following objectives:

Prevent Waste in the Design Phase
When involved in the design phase, the experts at R.E. Kelley, Inc. use the opportunity to prevent waste. This prevents overspending on materials and waste removal costs. We estimate when and where waste is generated, and we efficiently schedule its removal.

Prevent Waste in the Construction Phase
Construction sites can generate large amounts of waste even after the demolition phase has been completed. To reduce waste, R.E. Kelley, Inc. will ask suppliers to:

Our purchasing policies also prevent waste on the job site. Whenever possible, we avoid material brands with excessive packaging, purchase recycled and renewable materials, and are constantly reviewing our estimating process. Our estimating experts accurately determine the correct amount of materials needed, thus eliminating waste.

Green Materials Alternatives
As high-quality, "green" materials become available for the masonry industry, R.E. Kelley, Inc. will use them whenever possible to minimize environmental impact.