External surfaces of buildings and structures are exposed to adverse conditions every day. Severe damage can be caused by many factors:

• Weather - sun exposure, acid rain, wind erosion

• Man-made - pollution, graffiti

• Environmental - dirt, grime, smoke, dust, plant growth, animals

• Stains - rust, efflorescence (crystallization of salts)

Masonry cleaning provides dramatic results by revealing the original color and natural features of facade material and uncovering architectural details.


Surface cleaning is accomplished by three methods:

• Water - use of high pressure water to soften and rinse deposits from surfaces

• Chemical - use of cleaning agents and water rinses

• Mechanical - use of abrasives such as sand, grinders and sanding disks

The experts at R.E. Kelley, Inc. will assess your structure and propose the best cleaning method based on the type of masonry being cleaned and the contaminant being removed. All site work is completed by professional field workers who are fully trained and qualified to use specialized cleaning agents and techniques without risk of damage to surfaces.


Restore the original beauty of your building with help from the specialists at R.E. Kelley, Inc.